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La Dispute - Sad Prayers for Guilty bodies 
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Slow burn, let it all fade outPull the curtain downI wonder where you’ve been?
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Please keep Kent Brantly in your thoughts and prayers. He contracted Ebola while trying to help those infected in Liberia.
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Will Ebola become a worldwide health crisis?

I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate just freaking walking, and some Mexican guy in his late 40s with a mustache in a white pickup truck starts shouting unwanted remarks about my body and starring at me with some creepy ass smile. Hey you fucking perv, I’m 16 and not some object, just because you see something you like doesn’t make it yours to start saying crap or eying at it for a long time. Learn how to respect a lady.
I’m getting real sick and tired of older hispanic guys that do this shit.
Is it really necessary to yell out your thoughts on someones body???

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